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Taffy Town Taffy has made it their mission to create the most delicious taffy that has ever been made. For over 100 years, Taffy Town has been America's favourite salt water taffy company.
Unlike other taffy makers who pull their taffy, Taffy Town uses a whipped process, complete with a whipped meringue.

Taffy Town taffy is a softer and chewier piece than traditional taffy.

Gourmet Salt Water Taffy Town aims for a fluffy Saltwater Taffy that’s easy to eat water taffy without leaving bits of candy stuck in between your teeth.

The Best Taffy Town Salt Water Taffy Flavours

With more than 90 different flavours available like maple-bacon and chili-mango which also include sugar-free taffy flavours, Taffy Town always strives to develop new taffy flavors and exciting gourmet saltwater taffy tastes while still rethinking classic favourites like banana and peppermint flavours for the next water taffy generation of taste buds.

Come back often for candy in limited edition taffy flavours, Seasonal taffy, taffy mixes and water taffy flavours.

Salt Water Taffy

 A soft, creamy candy treat that is hard to resist with endless assortment possibilities. 'Taffy Town' are the world's largest freeze dried candy manufacturer for good reason.


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