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Hey! Welcome to the Soda and Juices section of Taste America american soda shop, why not grab a classic American Soda like Root Beer, or try a new flavour juice or soda with that BBQ? We have some great juices also. Whether it’s a lunchtime treat, a compliment to a barbecue spread or just something for the sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with a sweet and delicious soda or a tall glass of juice. A good old fashioned can of root beer goes back to the days of the cowboys and the wild west, keeping the tradition alive are great companies like A &W and Barq’s, a traditional take on sarsaparilla. When you are in the mood for something fruity and special, Mountain Dew is the answer for those who want a flavour to their soda that is one-of-a-kind. For a treat that is straight from the sunny beaches of California, Crush is the orange soda that can give you that orange flavour that is perfect for a hot summer day. Want a tasty fruity drink but do not want the bubbles in your drink? Hawaiian Punch and Gatorade offer a host of rich fruit flavoured drinks to make your taste buds water. However, if you want something that is not only tasty but also good for you, the selection of Welch’s juices can give you the boost of Vitamin C and other healthy ingredients while tasting great.


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