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Hey! Welcome to the Sale, Reduced and Short Dated Food section, Look here for SALE items, overstock being cleared and short dated food or past best before date products. Some items we have are overstock or are short dated, the items on sale or on a reduced price can help you stretch your food budget a lot further than you would expect. With sale items from all the categories on this website including drink mixes, grocery items and sweets, there is something here for those looking for a bargain and also make it easier on your wallet. Items that are on sale also make it easier to buy in bulk, stocking up on Short dated food like macaroni and cheese, short dated sweets, short dated coffee and other staples becomes much easier when everything is marked down to a lower price. In the USA manufacturers use best before dates not use by dates. A best before date is not a use by/sell by date. It is a manufacturers guide to the best optimum taste before this date. Retailers can sell products after the ‘best before’ date, the UK Government is trying to abolish best before dates as tons of food is thrown away needlessly every year. Browsing through this Sale - Short Dated Food section may surprise you, you never know what you are going to find. In addition, it will give you a chance to try something new, at a reduced price. So when gathering the groceries for the week, look for the items on sale and stretch your purchases a little further. Short date sweets can be great for Halloween, or at Easter, and BBQ Sauces can be great for the weekend cook out, tailgating, or a barbecue in the summer.


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