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Breakfast - Cereal - Pop Tarts - Grits - Oats

Welcome to the American Breakfast, Cereal and Pop-Tarts section of Taste America. Browse all your favourite breakfast cereals for a great American start to the morning, Yum! And don't forget Pop-Tarts are great for pudding too. With the fast-paced lifestyle in the United States, most Americans want a breakfast that is convenient and easily prepared, often found at USA grocery stores. The quintessential American breakfast food that fits this description is American goodies like Pop-Tarts, as they just need a moment in the toaster and then they are ready. Pops Tarts come in a variety of flavours, ranging from apple and berry to cinnamon and chocolate. For a fun breakfast option that children will love, nothing can beat Lucky Charms Cereal with its fruit flavoured marshmallows and bits of cereal in fun shapes. Froot Loops Cereal, promoted by the iconic Toucan Sam, is another favourite of children with its fruit flavoured cereal. For those who want to avoid sugar, Cheerios Cereal, a cereal made from oats, does not have added sugar. For a hot filling breakfast, Quaker Oats offers selections such as cream of wheat and oatmeal with assorted flavours, which are delicious or try easy to prepare overnight oats. Explore our selection of American breakfast items to get a taste of the states American breakfast experience.

The best American Cereal brands, Pop-Tarts, Oats and Grits for a healthy breakfast

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  1. DunkAroos Vanilla Corn Cereal 320g
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    £7.99 Special Price £4.99 38% OFF
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  3. Pop Tarts Confetti Cupcake Frosted Toaster Pastries 8 ct 384g
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    £4.99 Special Price £3.99 20% OFF
  4. Quaker Dinosaur Eggs Brown Sugar Instant Oatmeal 400g
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    £5.99 Special Price £4.49 25% OFF
  5. Quaker Grits Old Fashioned 680g
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  6. Quaker Smores Instant Oatmeal 210g
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Breakfast - Cereal - Pop Tarts - Grits