Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning Nacho Cheddar In A 80g Shaker

Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning Nacho Cheddar 80g

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Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning Nacho Cheddar 80g

Kernel Seasons Nacho Cheddar A Great Way To Flavour Your Snacks
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Kernel Seasons Popcorn Seasoning Nacho Cheddar 80g.

This Nacho Cheddar seasoning from Kernel Seasons blends real cheddar cheese and select spices to give popcorn the spicy kick you love.
Just sprinkle on and enjoy Nacho-inspired popcorn with a burst of cheddar.
Mix And Match flavours and toppings for one-of-a-kind movie night snacks.
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Cheddar CHEESE [Dehydrated Blend Of CHEESE (Granular And Blue {MILK, CHEESE Culture, Salt, Enzymes})], WHEY Vegetable Oil, WHEY Protein Concentrate, Lactose, Maltodextrin, Sodium Phosphate, Citric Acid (Acid), Lactic Acid, Dextrose, BUTTERMILK Solids, Onion & Garlic, Natural Flavours, Tartrazine E102 (Colouring)*, Sunset Yellow FCF E110 (Colouring)*, Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate, And Silicon Dioxide Added To Prevent Caking.
* "May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children"
How To Use Kernels Nacho Cheddar Popcorn Seasoning.
Microwave Popcorn:

Generously sprinkle one capful on freshly popped popcorn.
Reclose the popcorn bag and shake well.

Air-Popped Popcorn:
Spray freshly popped popcorn with Kernel Season’s Spritzer or another butter/oil spray to help the seasoning stick.
Generously sprinkle with one capful of seasoning and shake well.
For best results.
A quick spray of butter spritzer helps seasonings cling to every kernel for maximum flavour.

Here's a tip.
Mix And Match Flavours.
Why not use 2 or more kernel seasons to flavour your popcorn and mix up the fun.
Don’t forget to share.

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