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Bigs Sunflower Seeds

It's Crunch Time, Crack Into Big Seeds, With Big Flavour,
Try Tasty Fire-Roasted Jumbo Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds And Sunflower Kernels
In Bold Flavours, That Are Seasoned To Perfection And Ready For Snack Time

The Best Bigs Sunflower Seeds

Bigs Sunflower Seeds Come In Popular Flavours Like BBQ Seeds, Sizzlin Bacon, Old Bay, Cracked Pepper, Buffalo Wing, Ranch Seeds, Dill Pickle Sunflower Seeds,
Little Caesars Pepperoni Pizza Sunflower Seeds, Takis Fuego Sunflower Seeds, And Even Taco Bell Seeds.

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Bigs Seeds

Best Sunflowers Seeds To Eat

Bigs Seeds How To Eat

Tips for eating sunflower seeds
To eat them, you must first remove the shell by placing it between your teeth.
Then you should break open the shell with your teeth.
Finally, you should chew the seed inside the shell.

Sunflower Seeds

Bigs Sunflower Seeds are fire-roasted and seasoned with unique flavours.

Bigs Sunflower Flavours

Bigs sunflower seeds are made in various flavours to suit your palate, from plain, salted, seasoned, bbq, to zesty, Salted & Roasted Sunflower Seeds, you'll find a Bigs flavoured sunflower seed in weird sunflower seed flavours, unique sunflower seed flavours, or just simply flavours.
Whichever flavour of sunflower seed you choose Bigs flavoured sunflower kernels have a bigs flavour for you.

Bigs Ranch

Hidden Valley Ranch Sunflower seeds combine 2 American Brands, Bigs and Hidden Valley, the result is ranch sunflower seeds.

New Bigs Sunflower Seeds

Bigs Sunflower Seeds launch new flavours regularly, sign up for Bigs sunflower news.

Bigs Pumpkin Seeds

Flavoured pumpkin seeds from Bigs pumpkin seeds, are simply salted pumpkin seeds or cracked pepper pumpkin seeds.
And pumpkin seeds sunflower are a healthy snack option

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