Argo Corn Starch In A 454g Container

Argo Corn Starch 454g

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Argo Corn Starch 454g

Argo Cornstarch - In A Stay Fresh Container - Gluten Free
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Argo Corn Starch 454g.

Use Argo Corn Starch to thicken any dish or sauce where a clear, glossy sauce is desirable.
Ideal for fruit sauces, fruit pies, clear soups and puddings.
Use corn starch to make lighter crusts or pastries.
Argo Corn Starch is essential for thickening sauces for Asian stir-frys or sauces.
Argo Corn Starch is gluten-free and can be a valuable tool in the kitchen for modifying recipes for customers who need gluten-free dishes.

Ingredients In Argo Corn Starch

Corn Starch

How To Use Argo Corn Starch.

Argo Corn Starch has twice the thickening power of flour.
When making recipe substitutions, use only half the amount of corn starch compared to flour.
Always mix Argo Corn Starch with a cold liquid before adding to hot liquids to prevent lumping.
For maximum thickening and clarity, bring a cornstarch thickened mixture to a full boil.

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