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American Food

Taste America, The Best American Food, Drinks, Gifts And Grocery With Fast Delivery In The UK



    Hey! Welcome to the Baking and Cooking section of Taste America US food Store, You may just find that secret ingredient for your baking recipe, American cake mixes online, Look in an American pantry and you will find these classic products to help bake your dreams. Pam, Bisquick and Pillsbury, Matha White and other great products. American baking is simple, images of Mom and apple pie being ingrained in the culture and Americans take pride in this tradition. Today, Americans have taken the traditions of the past and given them modern convenience. Companies that specialize in pre-made mixes for a variety of desserts and other baked goods, like Jiffy and Martha White, have simplified baking so that now everyone can make their own delicious baked goods. Jiffy and Martha White offer delicious mixes for cookies, pie, brownies, cakes, and a litany of other baked goods. Learn The Easy Way Of How To Make A Cake, Pre-made mixes come with everything you need minus a few accoutrements, such as water and eggs, simple mixes that make tasty foods the whole family can enjoy. When making a cake or pie there has to be something inside of it, right? That’s where Karo, Libby’s, Comstock and Knox Gelatine help turn that plain pie crust into a mouth-watering treat, with their assortment of pie fillings, corn syrups and gelatins. Finally, there is the premier name in American baking, the internationally famous Betty Crocker. Offering some of the best ingredients for any baked goods that you can find, nothing says American more than Betty Crocker




    Whats In Your Cocktail Mixer? Hey! Welcome to the Bar and Cocktail section of Taste America American store Add some flair to your home bar or next event? Choose our American mixers and don't forget the salt, your cocktail cabinet will thank you! We have you covered with a selection of American drinks mixers, American drinks and snacks, Don't forget the salt. and from Bar Tenders, Master Of Mixes and Mr. & Mrs T. Whats on your best cocktail list? Who does not enjoy having guests over for a few drinks? So when you entertaining family, friends or a few co-workers at your cocktail bar, making a good impression depend on drinks. Take advantage of the wide selection of dry drink mixes from Bar Tenders will help you make a perfect cocktail. Whether it is a whiskey sour, a daiquiri or classic margarita, Bar Tenders has the recipe that will ensure a delicious tasting drink every time. If a dry mix isn’t what you are looking for, then Master of Mixes and their massive selection of real fruit cocktail mixes. Loaded with real fruit and offering an immense selection of mixes like Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai and tons of martini mixes. For a Mexican themed fiesta margaritas are necessary, and what margarita is complete without salt? Margarita Salt is there to add the final addition to all your margaritas and guarantee an enjoyable with your guests.




    Hey! Welcome to the BBQ, Dressings, Relishes and Sauces section of Taste America American shop Choose a great sauce for that BBQ or spice up some good home cooking with healthy bbq food . . . Whether it is a hot dog, a slab of baby back ribs, or a freshly grilled burger; nothing says barbecue better than a fine selection of dressing, sweet relishes, and tasty BBQ sauces. If you are grilling a big slab of ribs or steaks, you cant go wrong with some American barbecue sauces, delicious varieties of sauces from companies like Sweet Baby Rays, Weber, Stubbs BBQ sauce, and the classic A1 steak sauce can make that piece of meat a delicious treat! If you are craving a freshly grilled hot dog or hamburger, kick it up a notch with some scrumptious dill relish, or sweeten up with Hunts ketchup or add some zing with Guldens mustard to give that extra boost of flavour to your meal. So when you are out with family and friends grilling for a get together, at home with the kids or just wanting to make your own sauces a little more exciting, then try some of these sauces to add some flare to the boring.




    Welcome to the American Breakfast, Cereal and Pop Tarts section of Taste America. Browse all your favourite breakfast cereals for a great American start to the morning, Yum! And don't forget Pop Tarts are great for pudding too. With the fast paced lifestyle in the United States, most Americans want a breakfast that is convenient and easily prepared, often found at us grocery stores. The quintessential American breakfast food that fits this description is American goodies like Pop Tarts, as they just need a moment in the toaster and then they are ready. Pops Tarts come in a variety of flavours, ranging from apple and berry to cinnamon and chocolate. For a fun breakfast option that children will love, nothing can beat Lucky Charms Cereal with its fruit flavoured marshmallows and bits of cereal in fun shapes. Froot Loops Cereal, promoted by the iconic Toucan Sam, is another favourite of children with its fruit flavoured cereal. For those who want to avoid sugar, Cheerios Cereal, a cereal made from oats, does not have added sugar. For a hot filling breakfast, Quaker Oats offers selections such as cream of wheat and oatmeal with assorted flavours, which are delicious and easy to prepare. Explore our selection of american breakfast items to get A Taste Of The States American Breakfast experience.




    Hey! Welcome to the Gums and Mints section of Taste America. Not tried America chewing gum or mints? Why not try some of these bold and crazy flavours today. What's your favourite? Do you want to refresh your breath? Refresh it with a Chewing Gum Brand that is not only powerful but tasty as well. With Gum Brands like Freedent Gum, Dentyne Chewing Gum, Orbit Gumand Stride Gum, you can keep your breath cool and minty and still enjoy chewing gum. However, if gum doesn’t appeal to you fear not, there are the hard mints that are long lasting and still give you that cool feeling. Mints from Ice Breakers, Altoids and Ice Breakers give you the minty fresh breath you desire with the hard candy crunch. However, sometimes you just want something to chew on, luckily, there are companies like Wrigley’s Gum that offer great tasting gum in a variety of flavours such as Big Red Chewing Gum, the spicy cinnamon gum, and Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum, a sweet delicious treat. Are you looking for great bubble gum taste? Nothing says bubble gum better than Big League Chew, famous at American baseball games, this has set the standard for bubble gum in America and one taste and you will see why.




    Welcome To The Taste America American Grocery Stores Tea, Coffee And Hot Chocolate Grocery Store Looking for a morning coffee fix, a refreshing Iced Tea or a relaxing cocoa, you will find them here. Search Our American Coffee Section The name in American coffee is Folgers, as one the oldest coffee companies in America; they offer a huge selection of roast coffees, such as Decaf Coffee, French Vanilla flavoured Coffee and their classic blend Coffee. If you are looking for something a little stronger perhaps, Don Francisco’s coffee made from fresh Arabica beans from the finest sources. If you make your coffee too strong, there is hope yet, Coffee Mate provides a host of coffee creamers, like Coffee Mate French vanilla and Coffee-Mate Hazelnut to add some sweetness to your cup or mug. Or why not try Torani Syrups, not only are they great in coffee but they can also be used in ice cream and desserts and even mixed at the bar for your favourite alcoholic or none alcoholic drink. Try The Best Hot Cocoa, Smooth and rich Swiss Miss offers your little one a tasty and chocolaty homemade hot cocoa treat if they are too young for coffee, or just have a sweet tooth. Those with a taste for the traditional cannot go wrong with a hot cup of Alpine Spiced Apple Cider, the perfect complement to cookies and other tasty treats with the sweet taste of apples. Are you enjoying some biscuits on a relaxing day? Lipton has the perfect tea to match that delicious set of biscuits. Shop online 365 days a year at our 24 hour grocery store. Taste America Online Grocery Store




    Hey! Welcome to the Cookies, Crackers and Cakes section of Taste America, Check out some great American Cookies and did we mention the cakes? American food comes in a variety of different flavours and textures, there to satisfy all your sweet and salty needs. For those who crave something chocolate, you cannot go wrong with creamy crunchy Oreos or Hostess cupcakes. If chocolate is not your thing, the alternative sweet treat are the delicious Twinkies and Nutter Butter. Filled with delicious vanilla cream, Twinkies satisfy your sponge cake needs and Nutter Butters filled with delicious peanut butter and crunchy cookies make a great after dinner or lunch box treat. For those who want something salty and cheesy, Goldfish crackers are a tasty baked snack. Finally, for the person who loves the classics, Saltine crackers are perfect in soup, with a little bit of cheese and meat or on their own. Delicious cookies, cakes and crackers can add just the right amount of tastiness to desert, make lunch a little sweeter, or keep you content in between meals.




    Hey! Welcome to our Crisps, Snacks and Sunflower Seeds section at Taste America.<br>Looking for sunflower seeds and some potato chips in amazing flavours?<br>Check out American Snacks section. We Have Roasted Salted And Flavoured Sunflower Seeds To Choose From. Are sunflower seeds good for you? Snacking in between meals or at work can sometimes keep you going throughout a long workday.<br>Take a look a the variety of American crisps, with such classics as Frito Lay and David Sunflower Seeds.<br>The snacks with a little bit of salt can make life a little more pleasant.<br>The perfect companion to any lunch is a nice bag of Cheetos, cheesy and crispy; these crisps are perfect for any child’s lunch box.<br>When you need a substitute lunch, nothing will be better than some Lays crisps and some ranch dip. No matter what dip you prefer, Lays crisps are the textbook snack or a fantastic companion when you are with family and friends around the summer barbecue.<br>However, if you are looking for a little more sweetness in your snack, then Fruit by the Foot will please that desire with their selection fruit flavoured rolls.<br>If one snack is not enough then a bag of Combos can offer the different tastes and textures to fill you up.<br>Nevertheless, if you prefer to stay in and watch a movie with the family or that someone special then popping a bag of Act II Popcorn will make your home movie viewing much more enjoyable.<br>We hope you find your favourite at the best American Snacks UK, American Food In Scotland,




    Hey! Welcome to the Drink Mixes section at Taste America, American supermarket online, Need a drink mix for the gym, at the office or just to flavour your boring water? Then your in the right place. When the weather outside starts to get hot and you are tired of plain old water, then try a delicious American drink mix. Are you looking to add some sweet to your water? You cannot go wrong with Kool-Aid, with the wide assortment of flavoured, powdered drink mixes you can make everyone happy. If you have a taste for the standards, try some orange Tang, after all, they took it to the Moon. If you are watching the calories and want something enjoyable, then Crystal Light offers the great taste of tea or lemonade in a handy mix to enjoy on the go or at home. Do you need a boost during your workout? Gatorade is the athlete’s choice to keep you hydrated and motivated during those long works and helps cool you down after hitting the gym. Do you want to give something sugary to the kids, but want something healthier than soda? Ocean Spray and Country Time offer just what the doctor ordered, with vitamins and natural sweetness from fresh fruit, the healthy alternative to soda. However, if the weather outside is cold and unwelcoming, then kick back some hot cider from Alpine Spice and enjoy the comforts of your home.




    Hey! Welcome to the General Grocery Section of Taste America, We have all your pantry favourites and essentials to help make those authentic American meals. Sometimes making a giant meal is just not possible, depending on time, energy or convenience, a quick and easy meal is available to you. Simple meals do not have to be boring, adding a generous helping of Shake N Bake can make boring chicken or pork chops a delightful dinner. Do you have a craving for something cheesy? Then try delicious macaroni & cheese on its own, or add some meat to the mix with Hamburger Helper. Sitting down with a good book or just kicking back and watching TV? Then a warm cup of hot chocolate with some Jet Puffed marshmallows will keep you feeling content and happy. However, if hot chocolate is not your drink, then some delicious tea from Lipton will satisfy your thirst for something cold or hot. For the classic American dinner, you cannot go wrong with the wonderful selection of products from the famous Betty Crocker and Stove Top, American traditions in delicious dinners, rotel tomatoes,




    Hey! Welcome to the Health and Beauty section of Taste America, Miss that special American soap, need some toothpaste for your choppers, or maybe that perfect gift. There are many ways to look your best, whiten your teeth, put on some deodorant, and keep your skin feeling smooth and clean. Health and beauty go hand in hand; if your body is healthy, then looking your best is much easier. One of the first things that people notice is how you smell, keep your body fresh and clean with Irish Spring soap and Suave shampoo, with great scents to keep you not only smelling great, but clean as a whistle too. For women who want to smell their best, some perfume combined with the right deodorant can make a world of difference. Lady Speed Stick is a great product that helps keep odour at bay no matter how much you sweat. If your teeth are not as white as they should be, there is a home care solution without having to spend money on a dentist. Crest 3D White Stripes are a home teeth-whitening solution and can make your choppers shine as if you went to the dentist. And Barbasol is a perfect shaving cream for the men of the family.




    Hey! Welcome to the Home Goods and Cleaning section, from cleaning the house to caring for your clothes Real Housewives would be lost without these essentials. Keeping a neat and tidy home is important and here you can find a fine selection of home care products to take care of any of your household needs. Keeping your clothes clean and soft goes a long way after years of wear and tear, with Downy and Tide you can keep old clothes longer and make new clothes last for years to come, and with Tide you can keep clothes smelling great no matter how dirty they get. Have a lot of stickers or other gooey products around the house? Then Goo Gone will get rid of that sticky stuff in no time. Stretching a food budget can be difficult sometimes, but with Glad and Ziploc bags you can keep leftovers longer with their line of airtight plastic bags. With the variety of cleaning products available from America, you are sure to be able to find the products you need to keep you home fresh and sparkling clean. American Food Store London,




    Hey! Welcome to the Jell-O, Gelatine and Pudding section, Jell-O is an American institution and we have some great easy cook puddings for you to try here too. Jell-O is an American institution, with a score of flavours including lemon, orange and cherry; it has a flavour that can make anyone happy with its unique texture. Now Jell-O gelatine comes in a healthy sugar free variety for diabetics and those who monitor their sugar intake. For a more diverse use of gelatine, Knox is the brand to trust. Offering many uses including beverages, deserts and even appetizers, you can use it for just about any dish you can create. No matter what time of year it is, you can make delicious pumpkin pie quickly and easily thanks to Jell-O Pudding Pie mix that is no bake so getting pans dirty and all the preparation is eliminated thanks to this handy item. Simply mix up the ingredients, cook and serve. It is as easy pie! Perfect for desert, handy at potlucks and great for the holidays; Jell-O and Knox gelatines make deserts easy for anyone. Read our blog post on: What is jello How to make Jello Shots can you make jello in a glass bowl do vegetarians eat jello does eating jello help you lose weight can you make a jello mold in a bundt pan does jello pudding have gelatin how is jello gelatin made how much alcohol do i put in jello shots how to make homemade jello without gelatin how to make jello cups how to make jello shots at home how to make jello shots strong what's a jello shot how much jello do you need for jello shots how do you get jello jigglers out of the mold can you freeze jello to make it set faster how to make champagne jello shots what is the difference between jelly and jello




    Hey! Welcome to the Party Supplies and Seasonal section of Taste America, Looking for some inspiration for that special day, Thanksgiving celebration or the holidays. look no further than the Taste America party section. With great celebrations like; the 4th of July, St Patrick's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course the Holidays; here you can find buntings, decorations, table accessories and traditional Party essentials like solo cups to make your special event go with a bang.




    Welcome to the Popcorn Seasoning & Oils Category, not sure what to buy, stuck for a present idea, why not browse all our products. You may just stumble upon your new favourite. For a quick and easy reference, you can view all that Taste America has to offer here, saving multiple clicks to the different categories. Browse the huge selection now of American delicacies and some sinfully delicious junk food straight from the Land of the Free. Offering some of the most beloved American ingredients and packaged meals, you can find just what you are looking for right here. Try some Cajun spices on your next slab of meat, add some chocolaty goodness to your next sundae from the first name in chocolate or create the perfect margarita with a wet or dry mix. With the huge selection of food items, there is no limit to what you can do. Mix and match different tastes and textures, use a bag of Lays crisps in your own recipe or just enjoy Froot Loops with your kids during breakfast. If its breakfast, lunch, dinner, desert or just a snack, there is an American food item for you right here.




    Hey! Welcome to the Sale, Reduced and Short Dated Food section, Look here for SALE items, overstock being cleared and short dated food or past best before date products. Some items we have are overstock or are short dated, the items on sale or on a reduced price can help you stretch your food budget a lot further than you would expect. With sale items from all the categories on this website including drink mixes, grocery items and sweets, there is something here for those looking for a bargain and also make it easier on your wallet. Items that are on sale also make it easier to buy in bulk, stocking up on Short dated food like macaroni and cheese, short dated sweets, short dated coffee and other staples becomes much easier when everything is marked down to a lower price. In the USA manufacturers use best before dates not use by dates. A best before date is not a use by/sell by date. It is a manufacturers guide to the best optimum taste before this date. Retailers can sell products after the ‘best before’ date, the UK Government is trying to abolish best before dates as tons of food is thrown away needlessly every year. Browsing through this Sale - Short Dated Food section may surprise you, you never know what you are going to find. In addition, it will give you a chance to try something new, at a reduced price. So when gathering the groceries for the week, look for the items on sale and stretch your purchases a little further. Short date sweets can be great for Halloween, or at Easter, and BBQ Sauces can be great for the weekend cook out, tailgating, or a barbecue in the summer.




    Hey! Welcome to the Soda and Juices section of Taste America american soda shop, why not grab a classic American Soda like Root Beer, or try a new flavour juice or soda with that BBQ? We have some great juices also. Whether it’s a lunchtime treat, a compliment to a barbecue spread or just something for the sweet tooth, you cannot go wrong with a sweet and delicious soda or a tall glass of juice. A good old fashioned can of root beer goes back to the days of the cowboys and the wild west, keeping the tradition alive are great companies like A &W and Barq’s, a traditional take on sarsaparilla. When you are in the mood for something fruity and special, Mountain Dew is the answer for those who want a flavour to their soda that is one-of-a-kind. For a treat that is straight from the sunny beaches of California, Crush is the orange soda that can give you that orange flavour that is perfect for a hot summer day. Want a tasty fruity drink but do not want the bubbles in your drink? Hawaiian Punch and Gatorade offer a host of rich fruit flavoured drinks to make your taste buds water. However, if you want something that is not only tasty but also good for you, the selection of Welch’s juices can give you the boost of Vitamin C and other healthy ingredients while tasting great.




    Hey! Welcome to the Spices and Seasonings section of Taste America, we have a huge range of spices to help you season that Jambalaya or bake that pumpkin pie. Sometimes adding the right spices and seasonings can make the same old dish exciting and new again. For a taste of the American South, the Cajun country, adding the fine selection of seasonings from Zatarains and Tony Chacheres can give that spicy taste of New Orleans to any dish you are preparing. Are you making some delicious Spanish inspired cuisine? The good people over at Goya have the right spices for you. Whether its tapas, canapés or carpaccio, Goya can make those Spanish dishes authentic in no time. If the dish you are preparing lacks that kick of your favourite spicy food, then try Chipotle, a spicy and appetizing spice that’s good on just about anything. For customary American meals, nothing says mom’s cooking more than the seasonings from Mrs Dash and McCormick’s. Offering an assortment of seasonings to compliment any meal, great for poultry, red meat, fish, pork, potatoes even veggies; there is a seasoning for any meal. Great for the salad eaters and vegetable enthusiasts, Hidden Valley offers dressings and dry mixes for those who want some ranch dip for their carrots or some balsamic vinaigrette for their garden salad.




    Welcome to the Spreads, Jams and Peanut Butter section of Taste America, Nobody does peanut butter better than the USA, just add jam for a tasty PB & Jelly Sandwich. Bread can sometimes be boring, making sandwiches can be difficult sometimes, but why overcomplicate it. A simple peanut butter and jam sandwich can be perfect for lunch, a snack between meals or even a delicious desert. Offering delicious fruity jams, companies like Smuckers give you a real fruit taste that are not only great on sandwiches, but can make cookies and other deserts even sweeter. Do you want to make a chocolate spread? The delightful people from Hershey’s can help you make a sweet spread with their chocolate syrup and other assorted products including great taste of Reese’s. If you are craving something creamy and delicious, peanut butter from establishments like Skippy, Peter Pan and Jif can give you peanut butter satisfaction. However, why limit yourself to just sandwiches? Meltdown some Skippy and add it to cookie batter or give that breakfast smoothie some thickness. Add some Smuckers to your next baking project and get the real fruit taste without having to prepare the fruit. There are limitless possibilities; all you have to do is be creative. Read Our Blog for: How To Make a Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich is peanut butter healthy can dogs eat peanut butter how to make peanut butter is peanut butter good for you what's the difference between peanut butter and jam is peanut butter vegan can dogs have peanut butter how many calories in peanut butter is peanut butter gluten free is peanut butter keto can cats eat peanut butter how much protein in peanut butter how many calories in a tablespoon of peanut butter how to make peanut butter cookies is peanut butter bad for you how many calories in a teaspoon of peanut butter is peanut butter good for weight loss is peanut butter good for weight gain




    Hey! Welcome to the Sweets, Candy and Confectionery section of Taste America american store, Hey you guys!! grab yourself a Baby Ruth and do the truffle shuffle. We Love Candy. Sweets-Candy Taste America are a leading supplier of imported American food and drinks, We are a family owned and operated business with with our Online Store and soon an online store.We have been importing products from around the globe for 15 years and on our travels we became fond of American food and drinks.We were always shipping our own supplies with other shipments, then friends would ask us to ship them their favorites, before long it was friends of friends, you get the picture, now we've gone the whole 9 yards and opened a store, Check out our blog for these popular posts, what do americans call sweets, how to make sweet american pancakes, where can i buy american sweets, where can you buy american sweets in the UK, must try american candy, what do americans call candy floss, american food store Birmingham,




    Welcome to the Syrups and Toppings section of Taste America, Whether its pancakes, dessert or ice cream we have you covered with these classic American favourites. Syrups-Toppings,Taste America are a leading supplier of imported American food and drinks, We are a family owned and operated business with with our Online Store and soon an online store. We have been importing products from around the globe for 15 years and on our travels we became fond of American food and drinks.We were always shipping our own supplies with other shipments, then friends would ask us to ship them their favorites, before long it was friends of friends, you get the picture, now we've gone the whole 9 yards and opened a store. smucker's breakfast syrup calories